Remote Closing During COVID-19


Social distancing has been the motto for survival since this year began. While a 6-foot distance has helped curve the spread of the deadly virus, the curveball that the mortgage industry suffered, however, is massive.

If you’re a realtor, you may be wondering how you can manage home-closing while maintaining social distance. Just as how technology has made it possible for businesses to survive online, real estate attorneys across the world have devised creative solutions for a remote closing process.

Before the pandemic, very few organizations practiced digital notarization and e-signatures, even though they did technically exist. This was due mainly in part to the fact that hardly anyone purchased a property in a state different from the one they were living in. Now, however, Covid-19 has changed the mortgage closing process too.



As every other business operation has undergone a radical change owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, so has the process of real estate closing. However, like everything else, home-buying also had to move forward despite the pandemic.

New and better apps and eClosing technologies quickly surfaced to help realtors and buyers continue business from the safety of their homes. Here are some practices we have recently observed:

  • Consider using an online service or a well-rated app. Many states have altered their notarization policies in response to the pandemic. Florida, too, established a remote online notarization policy. Nonetheless, you must check with your loan officer regarding this because certain states abide by their original notary requirement, including a wet-ink before the process of recording.
  • Lenders are now making use of video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype. These apps allow the notary to see you and then follow-up with the delivery of the signed documents after the fact. Many professionals are also opting for web-based tools for mortgages that convert the document into a PDF and then deliver via email.
  • The closing process ends with payments. This step is now possible through bank-to-bank electronic transfers. Electronic means ensure you have a secure way to conduct the payment process just as the regular wire transfers are.
  • The only thing that realtors cannot digitalize is the process of handing over the keys to the house. However, delivery services have been just as proactive as real estate attorneys in devising contact-free business operations. You can rely on delivery services to transport the keys to the new owners through a contactless or at least a reliable delivery. You can always scrub your hands with sanitizers, soap, and warm water after delivering your little parcel.



Let’s look at some of the benefits of remote closing:

  1. The digital closing process can be easier to review loans for the borrowers. It affords them plenty of time on clarifications that may otherwise not be possible in rushed meetings.
  2. Remote closings are time-saving since there are no conflicts over schedules or traffic delays.
  3. Virtual remote closings are cost-efficient in comparison to paper document handling.
  4. No one can argue against the foolproof quality of eClosings. Technology is far better and quicker at policing compliance of signature or flagging incomplete, missing documents.
  5. Virtual showings have been a major contributor in the virtual closings. Many realtors have closed tremendous deals with bomb bomb, FaceTime, video walk throughs and matter ports to connect prospective buyers with homes.



One would have thought that the outbreak of the pandemic would have halted or at the very least slowed down the real estate industry. However, the markets in Florida and all over the world are testament to the fact that the market is hot with properties; there are too many buyers in the markets and not enough sellers, owing to the convenience of remote closing. If you are on the lookout for a prospective property to sell, recommend enlisting and getting top dollar without wasting any time. Our sister companies, including Florida Funding and Gulf Stream Title ensure we give you the best real-estate closing experience, even during the days COVID-19.

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